Why Most Mobile Marketers Fail With Self Serve Mobile Advertising Part 2

With the ever-growing email list of subscribers downloading the Mobi Manifesto, and joining us here at Revived Media to jump into the ultra-lucrative mobile space, I’ve prompted myself to start answering some direct questions sent to me regarding self-serve mobile advertising. Before, you read part 2 below, make sure you’ve read part 1. Nothing worse than a lazy-dumbass who skips into the sequel without reading the prelude. I say this knowing how rampant that crap really is.

So we covered the the first reason – Cash. Pretty simple right? Also, it’s probably pretty damn frustrating for starting mobile affiliates with little bankroll. That’s the way of the land. Sorry.

Moving on though, we have another set of Mobile Affiliates who face a different type of struggle when it comes mobile advertising on self-serve networks. This one is going to be over a LOT of affiliates heads. I’m not talking down on you. I’m being firm in my statement here. This little problem is so rampant among affiliates in mobile that it has literally changed the course of our business here at Revived Media. It’s so bad, and so neglected it requires us to consistently optimize our active affiliates. The affiliates who “get it” have done and will continue to do great things on the self-serve networks while the lazy ones, the ones whom will read this post and go about there day as if they didn’t even the slightest clue as to what I’m talking about will continue to burn cash and of course – plague the marketing forums, facebook and everywhere else with there “I’m getting destroyed by the mobile ad network pity.”

The second reason why most mobile marketers fail with self-serve mobile advertising is simple… You don’t follow directions and bring ZERO value to the table.

It’s as easy that. But, to break it down for you. I’ll sum it real simple here. Let’s do a quick exercise. A comparison of business models and organizations if you will. I’ll compare the affiliate who has nothing to bring to the table and use as leverage with self-serve mobile ad networks against myself and my organization. That’s the simplest way to do this.

Regular mobile affiliate:

Will sign up with the self-serve network. Most likely will continue their communication (should they even try to contact a Rep) by email. The regular affiliate assumes that setting up a campaign with certain mobile targets such as Carrier, manufacturers, operating systems, maybe even specific handsets (device models) will receive this traffic they targeted. The assumption here is that 99.99% of the time, you’ve already lost the money before you’re traffic even started.

If you think that a mobile ad network owes you something, or is going to deliver whatever it is they have written on their website in terms of traffic quality and targeting, then go ahead and slap yourself now. Everything, right down to the last fucking penny in this business is about the almighty dollar. Specifically, when we are talking about mobile ad networks with zero regulation right now and literally popping up monthly by the dozens, it’s the wild west and you know what happens in the wild west?


Why is this?

It’s a failure to follow precise directions. Here’s a comparison in it’s simplest terms when it comes to bringing value to leverage with:

The regular affiliate goes up against myself and my organization. However, I along with our team have been building for well over a year in preparation for this lucrative opportunity. We’ve been traveling to trade shows meeting with the people whom are associated with these traffic sources. We’ve been going to their offices. We’ve been building our own mobile ad agency to deal with them on a professional level on behalf of our clients. We’ve even gone ahead and created our own mobile tracker in iMobiTrax so that we could dissect, segment, identify and ultimate profit from the traffic these mobile ad networks have promised to deliver.

The regular affiliate has nothing to bargain with. What a budget? What else? What value do you bring the mobile ad network? I’ve seen and discarded so many tunnel visioned mobile affiliates over the last year it’s almost sickening. Discarding them isn’t the sick part. It’s telling these affiliates EXACTLY what to do yet, the same thing always rings true with people. No matter what you tell them, people are going to do whatever they want to do. You can lay out a clear-cut plan. Step by detailed step and people will still fuck it up. I’ve seen it countless times.

  • “I’ve got a better idea”
  • “I’ll try this instead”
  • “No, I’ll do it my way”

So far, the mobile affiliates who think this way are getting their shit pushed in. Not a little bit either. I’ve witnessed mobile affiliates spending their last $500 to their name. I’ve seen affiliates literally go in debt. For what? “That better idea.” All you got to do is exactly what we say. It’s not fucking rocket science. Matter of fact, it couldn’t get ANY FUCKING EASIER but as people, especially affiliate marketers with those creative juices flowing through the brain, have attention spans of a fucking ant on meth.

So set aside you’re pride for a minute and start following the directions we’re giving. Shit, do you know anybody else laying it out step by step in an easy to understand format? Between the IMGrind Forums, Revived Media (and all the tools and guides we offer) plus the mobile tracking platform we provided, you really have to have a fucking screw loose to fuck this up. Start paying attention and do what you’re told. Or take you’re next great idea and watch how much it costs you.

Yes, it’s really that simple. As most things are in life and business.

I’ve given all Revived Affiliates the same opportunity is step by step format. You can find your bargaining chips in the IMGrind Private Forums (Private Revived Media Affiliates Section) here, here and here. If you can’t follow that, then honestly, you deserve to get your pockets picked. I bet after you get sick of losing money, you either get the fuck out of the way, or quit. Either way, in business and in life, it’s sad to see people lose money because they can’t follow simple directions.


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