Is Your Affiliate Manager Costing You Money, Or Helping You Make More Money?

One of the most under-rated questions that 99% of affiliate marketers seem to completely over-look in this Industry: “Is My Affiliate Manager Helping Me Make Money, Or Are They Costing Me Money?

It’s a simple question but one that warrants ENORMOUS evaluation if you are a serious affiliate marketer. Why an affiliate would ever work with Affiliate Manager who has never been a successful affiliate themselves baffles me. There’s a lot of back-and-forth throughout the Industry on whom to work with and whom not to work with. I can tell you from managing hundreds of successful affiliates (some over 7-figures monthly), for nearly half a decade, that one thing always stands out between the Affiliates who turn their business into a full-time operation and the affiliates who struggle day in day out. You know the type — always on the hunt for that “next hot offer” or maybe always on the hunt for that “next hot traffic source”.

If you are that type of affiliate, then you’re working with affiliate managers who are costing you money. Then again, you’re most likely lazy as fuck anyway so in reality you probably aren’t buying traffic or promoting offers anyway, so I guess it sort of cancels itself out. However, you’re definitely working with someone who isn’t helping you make money because weeding out lazy people is a specialty of mine. I know what it takes to turn affiliate businesses into full-fledge, thriving organizations. I’ve done it. I teach others how to do it. I help manage them during the whole process.

Our Industry has blown up with an load of dipshits “off the street” posing as affiliate managers, affiliate network owners and they don’t even know the first thing about running a full-time, successful affiliate organization to begin with. Then we have an even larger number of simple-minded donkeys who are lured into the Industry by big hype, promises of dolla dolla bills yo, fancy cars, hot chicks and bottles of the good stuff. These simple-minded people are incredibly easy to spot because they are the ones working with organizations managed by the people whom I’ve already stated don’t have a clue to run a successful affiliate business. Lol, and you want them to help you run yours? You expect them to actually give you advice? You expect them to generate your paychecks?

This Industry would be a lot simpler. A lot cleaner. A heck of lot more productive, explosive and publicly noticed if we didn’t have a dumbass popping up everyday promising that they “pay better”, “pay more” and blah blah blah. Then again, I sort of enjoy the destruction of organizations and the demise of other businesses around me. It generates more on my bottom-line I guess.

Here are some questions to ask that will determine if you are in good hands or not. If you’re an affiliate marketer who takes their business seriously, you probably evaluate these on a monthly basis anyway. I know I do. I’m constantly optimizing who I work with, day in and day out.

  • Does you affiliate manager provide you marketing and strategy guides on the offers they have?

This is really easy to spot in the Industry. Simply signup to some affiliate networks and look to see if they have over 1,000 offers. There is a saying between Affiliate Network owners that floats around the Industry – “20% of our offers generate 80% of our revenue.” If you think an affiliate network is generating leads and revenue on every offer that comes into their network and is available for you, you are mistaken. Matter of fact, most affiliate networks like to pawn off offers onto Affiliates just to generate leads for a client without any thought as to whether that offer will be a positive experience for the affiliate. This costs affiliates money.

  • Does your affiliate manager provide you with new traffic sources and contacts to extend your current advertising plan?

This is really simple too. I can honestly say there’s not an Affiliate Manager on my current list of over 250+ Affiliate Managers in Skype that have EVER provided me a traffic source. When you’re promoting offers this is really simple. You match traffic sources to offers, arbitrage ads, landing pages and offers through the traffic source and generate more revenue than you are paying for the traffic. So many people over-complicate this, but it really is that simple. If you’re affiliate manager isn’t providing you with more traffic options to extend you’re testing budgets to allow you to find “profit pockets” then they are costing you money. Or at the very least, not helping you generate more of it.

  • Does your affiliate manager offer up different promotion types for your campaigns?

Here again and this is a big one so place close attention. RARELY, and I mean FREAKING RARELY are you going to find an Affiliate Manager that is an actual successful affiliate to even offer any sort of help here. If you’re promoting an offer that accepts Email, PPC and Display traffic then you’re Affiliate Manager should be working in your favor to provide you alternative traffic sources and strategies that will help you scale into the other traffic types the campaign accepts. If you find someone like that in this Industry, don’t ever lose them. As an affiliate, work your ass off with them. These managers are extremely few and far between but they exist!


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