How Much Are You Willing To Lose To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer?

I’m asked a variety of questions daily over the landscape of our companies – IMGrind, Revived Media and iMobiTrax but the question I’m asked most often is “How can I become a successful affiliate Ruck?” Over the last 5 years online, I’ve seen the term “affiliate marketing” tossed around with a variety of different meanings. More importantly, the term “Super Affiliate.” As if some label can signify the “arrival of awesomeness.” The most successful affiliates I know and work with (6-7+ figures a month) all have one very common thing in common.

They ALL have a high tolerance for risk.

I know, I know. The idea and hype of creating your own successful affiliate marketing business is supposed to be all about “Ballin” collecting “Swag” and of course “Pimpin The Ladies.” The allure and hype of ANY media, especially media fueling your thoughts of financial independence, wealth and riches can be a bit overwhelming for the novice Affiliate just starting out. What most of these affiliates don’t even consider is the less “pretty” side of affiliate marketing.

So I ask you, how much are you willing to lose to become a successful affiliate? Because, you ARE GOING TO LOSE. At least, in the beginning.

Ironically, that question comes from me. An owner of Mobile Marketing Agency full of aspiring affiliates as well as over 1,000 hope to be successful affiliates in the private IMGrind Forums.

Yet, here I stand. No selling, no hype. Take as you want it. In the end, I already know I’m right so if you venture to go any further with me, I commend you.

Some of us, we thrive on risk. I do. Mr. Gray does. Being an affiliate isn’t for everyone. Some people will immediately collapse immediately under the volatile Industry of affiliate marketing. Others will slowly “bleed” their cash until they simply cannot go anymore. Some people don’t thrive or fear risk, they simply accept it as a certain necessary element to their overall business.

In this business, it’s crucial to have a certain handle on your risk tolerance before you even think about trying to have a go of it. I was once told that my ability to live on the edge financially for at least a year would make or break me. He was right too.

So, how far are you willing to risk and lose to become successful as an affiliate? If you are the type of person that simply cannot deal with a variety of volatile, unpredictable and constant changes, then chances are, you are simply going to be “running through the hoops.” Risk taking in the most simplest terms is sort of like gambling. Are you the type of person that walks up to a blackjack table without knowing anything about blackjack and simply flopping your money down on the table and hoping to “strike it rich?” Or are you the type of person that assesses the risk of the blackjack game and knowingly accepts the fact that the cards are stacked against you?

Having a high tolerance for risk is literally essential in affiliate marketing. Far too many times, I see many starting affiliates with a budget of $50-$100 a day to spend, yet they completely freak out when I ask – “Ok, so send me a 1 month test of $3,000.00 on an offer.” You see, that’s what I call a low tolerance for risk. I simply eliminated what I refer to as “dead-weight” to not even be allowed to work with me as an affiliate. Harsh but true. By simply taking their daily budget of $100 and multiplying it by 30 days, I arrived at the $3,000.00 mark. Now to most affiliates (who are unexperienced or full of shit) this number scares them away. This is a good thing. But for the “Real-Deal” Affiliates, it’s go time. They know and understand the small test I just gave them and they know how I run my businesses. It’s a simple “yes, here comes the test.”

Those are the winning affiliates. The ones who are going to make it. The ones who are going to get every profitable campaign given to them from us. The ones we will call first when we have a hot offer, traffic source or just extra cash to reward them for their hard work. They are few and far between, and this Industry is full of bullshitters but that’s what makes the “risk versus reward” model so great for me everyday working with affiliates.


    • Imgrind says

      Get a second job. Do freelance work. Don't use credit cards and put yourself in debt. Trust me, if you want to succeed affiliate marketing and I mean truly succeed, you will find a way to either save a little cash or make a little cash. Having no money to invest is just an excuse. I started out in 06-07 in debt.

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