How To Segment Mobile Affiliate CPA Campaign Objectives

Far too often, I see new marketers coming into mobile and over-complicating the essential pre-campaign targeting options. Essentially, if you’re a mobile Affiliate at Revived Media here, then you already know, when we list our descriptions in a very detailed but easy-to-understand manner for our affiliates within our affiliate channel. Here’s an example of Offer […]

Affiliates Who Fail To Plan Are Planning To Fail

One of the biggest downfalls of any affiliate marketer starting out has been (and always will be) a weak foundation. What exactly does that mean? Specifically, it means that most affiliates get into this game based on a recommendation from friends. Maybe they know someone in the Industry and the hype makes their ears perk […]

How To Target Emails, Phone Numbers And User ID’s With Facebook Ads

Here comes a Facebook advertising option rarely ever talked about. Matter of fact, Facebook has nearly 30 advertising targeting options that are rarely talked about. That’s sad because we’ve been milking some of these options for months with very little to no competition whatsoever. Today, I’m going to throw all the Facebook marketers a little […]

How Long To Test Offers Before Making Profit

Successful affiliate marketers are always testing and developing new campaigns so when one dies out, another takes its place.  When promoting a product or service that you don’t own it’s necessary to develop an army of campaigns so you can sustain a consistent business.  Several factors weigh into being a successful affiliate such as how […]