Revived Media Affiliates Generate 946,536 Mobile CPA Content Conversions In July!

What a month for our Affiliate Channel here at Revived Media! For our Mobile Web Advertisers whom rely on us to expand past our Internal Media Buying team and allow our select affiliates here at Revived Media to promote their Mobile CPA Offers, we had our largest month on record in delivering Mobile Content CPA […]

Infographic: The Rise Of Mobile Games

If you’re a Mobile Affiliate of Revived Media, I don’t have to tell you how popular (and high-converting), mobile game offers are. But, was it always this way? I’ll admit, we’re going through a very heavy mobile game apps phases. Here’s is a really nice infographic from Jackpot City that illustrate the rise of mobile […]

How To Deal With An Idiotic Mobile Ad Network Rep

I gotta tell you. The level of IQ’s and Industry knowledge with the mobile advertising Network space, is abundantly and alarmingly – low. I mean like real low. As in, I’m now not only wondering where the fuck they find these people, but I’ve now moved into the thoughts of – Who the fuck is […]

How To Segment Mobile Affiliate CPA Campaign Objectives

Far too often, I see new marketers coming into mobile and over-complicating the essential pre-campaign targeting options. Essentially, if you’re a mobile Affiliate at Revived Media here, then you already know, when we list our descriptions in a very detailed but easy-to-understand manner for our affiliates within our affiliate channel. Here’s an example of Offer […]

Mobile Affiliates: Huge Mobile Targeting Tip

With Mobile CPA Marketing and Advertising still in it’s infancy, you don’t see a lot of people talking about. I don’t no of any other Mobile CPA Network actively blogging useful information to the Industry so I figured I would kickstart us this summer with a very simple, but enormously – underestimated tip for mobile […]

Revived Media Launches New Mobile Conversion Tracking Features

Hasoffers which powers our conversion tracking backend here at Revived Media, has announced new mobile tracking features to its Enterprise Clients. Check out these new mobile data reporting metrics available to all of our Mobile Advertisers and App Developers Now: Let’s go over each of them right quick: Device Brand: Add {device_brand} in the Offer […]