Understanding Some Of The Basics To Mobile Monetization

Understanding how mobile offers convert is important for all Revived Media publishers and advertisers.  Unlike many of the traditional desktop CPA offers, offers specifically designed to convert in a mobile environment differ depending on the back-end monetization.  With desktop advertising we can basically boil the conversion flow down to two categories: credit card purchase and […]

How To Conduct Country Reports To Develop An Effective Mobile Media Buy

Let’s face it….  Mobile is the new “wild, wild, west” of the Internet.  Traffic continues to explode daily around the globe leveraging the number of unique opportunities for performance marketers.  In our office we still talk about how mobile is still a “baby” as many are just learning how to monetize their back-ends and make […]

How Long To Test Offers Before Making Profit

Successful affiliate marketers are always testing and developing new campaigns so when one dies out, another takes its place.  When promoting a product or service that you don’t own it’s necessary to develop an army of campaigns so you can sustain a consistent business.  Several factors weigh into being a successful affiliate such as how […]