3 Questions Affiliates Should Ask Their Affiliate Manager

As an affiliate, there has been a lot of guides and tips written and published publicly online that you can do a simple Google search for covering “how to get accepted into an affiliate network,” but for now I want to talk about the more experienced affiliates who already know it literally just takes honest answers and common sense to be accepted.

Being an Affiliate, Advertiser and Network Owner for over a half decade, I’m going to look at this purely from my own perspective so that you can take these tips and apply them to the next affiliate network you join. These tips are crucial for your business. Being matched with the wrong manager is detrimental to your business.

Here’s 5 questions every affiliate should ask their affiliate manager:

1. What’s YOUR Experience? – Every affiliate network inquires about your experience as a publisher. Well, that’s a two-sided coin people. Experienced affiliate will immediately require someone with lead and traffic generation. Why wouldn’t you? Nobody has said you’re not entitled to inquire about the experience of your affiliate manager. If they happen to be great at organic SEO and you’re running Facebook ads, well that’s kind of a problem now isn’t it?

2. How long have you been at the affiliate network? – When affiliate managers transition over to new affiliate networks (this happens like literally, all the time) or are hired on to become affiliate managers you, as an affiliate should try and understand what’s really going on here:

  • For starters, they may have switched tracking platforms by coming to this new network. This means they have to get trained to be efficient in surfing the UI (user-interface) of the affiliate network
  • Efficiently trained to handle request via AIM, phone, Email, Social, etc…
  • Efficiently knowledgeable and trained to handle requests/inquiries from affiliates

That’s just naming a few. There’s a lot going on. With all that going on, you expect to be shown respect by being communicated with and you deserve it. However, understand there are a lot of things going on behind-the-scenes.

3. What do YOU think YOU can contribute to me getting on an offer as quickly as possible? – By now, they most likely will start taking you a bit more seriously now that your inquiring about their background. This shows, you’re on your guard.

You see by putting the manager on their guard now, you force them into what I like to refer to as “badger mode.” This means it’s going to go back n forth for now on until you start producing. This affiliate manager will either succeed or fail after question number three. At this point, these are three really quick questions you can ask your affiliate manager after you are accepted into an affiliate network.

I’ve got more for affiliates to use as well but that will be in another post!

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